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Website related News and Changes :

Date : Important News:

Aug. 15th:

Finally there is a new email address for this website. This should allow new login requests. But still it is recommended to read the provided notes before sending an eMail. Thanks

Aug. 6th:

All gallery pages were updated in regards of broken links referring to the previous address of this website. Furthermore the layout of the galleries was restructured where it hasn't been already, which should improve the viewability and ease the navigation.

May 12th:

Stepwise I try to go through the website's pages and adjust it to the new URL. Parallel to that I adjust the page-size to a width of 1024pixels, which probably is the bigger change.

May 8th:

The website is still down. But I created a new link that is meant to become the new starting point for everybody. It is not bound to the webhoster and won't change, even if I have to upload the website to a different webspace. However, the new page it currently links to is just a basic information page for the moment. Hopefully I'll be manage to bring up the whole website again.

May 3rd:

"Karen McDougal At Her Best" temporarily down
The webhoster, Geocities, decided to deactivate the complete Yahoo Account, that means webspace and eMail-address. So the website itself is down, the usual link de.geocities.com/pmoy_karen_mcdougal/ is no longer awailable and the mail folder is no longer working. What that means for the complete "Karen McDougal At Her Best"-website is not measureable so far.



July 9th:

I brought up a new section for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), where you should look first before asking me something via eMail or the guestbook. I'll add important questions that people have asked multiple times and to which the answers are most likely the same, e.g. about the login and "broken" links. Otherwise, feel free to place your questions in the Forum and see who's faster at answering: other fans or me.

May 17th:

The new Message Board / Forum is now an official feature of this website and has caused me to separate the guest and visitor related menu entries (Guestbook, Guestmap) from the content related ones.

May 9th :

I'm testing a Free Message Board as a new feature for the website to ease discussions and the exchange of information, since most Yahoo Groups die due to spam, _ and junk mail. Let me know what you think: 1. if it is worth the effort and 2. if anything is improvable.

May 5th :

2nd Anniversary of Karen McDougal at her Best :
"Over the past 2 Years this website achieved something incredible. Over the past 2 Years this website became a central place for ..."
(Read the full story on the Anniversary Page)

Apr. 29th:

The Lisa Dergan at her Best website finally received an updated login system and a restructured gallery. The login from this page should work there, again, as it was meant to a long time ago. Maybe I will even manage to update some of the galleries in the near future.

Apr. 19th:

The Wallpaper section got a new layout. It should be more clearly arranged now and easier to search for a specific one. Besides that, I optimized the source code and rearranged some wallpapers to balance the picture number between the sub galleries.

Apr. 13th:

I changed the menu entries in the About and Link section to make them sound more specific and intuitively understandable. Thanks for the hint.

April 7th :

To ease update checking for frequent visitors I added a RDF/RSS file. Using it as a dynamic link (via Firefox or a RSS Reader) you can get quick information on updates. I'm testing it at the moment myself, so I'd be thankful for hints if something's not working the way it should be or if information is missing. I'll try to keep it up-to-date.

Feb. 17th :

Even though there is still a big load of mail awaiting my reply, I at least managed to add some of the most dedicated and motivating fan mail I have received since November. Enjoy them just as I did.

Jan. 31st :

The login system has been restructured. If you encounter problems or broken links, please let me know. Beside that I hope you won't notice the reconstruction that much.

Jan. 18th :

Even though the website looks the same, I have worked on the structure behind it. The menu should load a lot faster now, since it is not one single picture per item any more. I think you will notice a speed difference. Enjoy the increased usability.



Dec. 16th :

Galleries Part V got restructured. While you'll still find the white background sets in Galleries Part V, all the other official sets have been divided into 8 separate galleries and are now in their own section in Galleries Part VI. That way you shouldn't have to wait so long 'til all thumbnails of a certain set are loaded. I'll try to restructure the other larger galleries as well, at another time.


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