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Karen McDougal at her Best

Fan Mails :

Since the whole login system resulted in loads of request mails and some of them showed extraordinary dedication I thought about bringing up the best mails in a seperate section. Beside the people who did and still do an awesome job trying to help me with completing the galleries this might give you a insight into what else motivated me to go on with this page. And sometimes these mails had been the even most important thing that made me to go on.

anonymous ( January 3rd, 2005 ) :

First of all, I would like to say that I intended to send you an e-mail regardless of the login pass. I am an admirer of Karen McDougal and have seen many sites dedicated to her, but this site was just special. The amount of work and effort put into making this site was very clear. Great work!
Personally, I would like to have access to everything on your site, but you will have to decide on that. Regardless of whether you send me the login or not, I just want to say this....
Your site is Great!

anonymous ( November 24th, 2004 ) :

Hola! I understand why you don't want people just writting you with short un-appreciative e-mails asking for this log in. You put a lot of time into this site and lots of people just take advantage of it. I'd probably do exactly what you are.

I love Karen as well, I must have voted for her to win PMOY about 6 times that year. Cara Wakelin is the only other Playmate I've ever seen that i have voted for. Unfortunatly she did get PMOY. But I'll never forget that when the June 1998 issue of Playboy came out, I was so pissed that they didn't reveal the PMOY that month like they annually do! So I turned to the last page to see the next months preview and they had the new PMOY's back shot. nothing more than jut a bubble-butt to go by. My friend and I were 17 at the time and we examined that image for seemed like forever until we convinced our selves it was Karen. Then the July issue came out I nearly shit my pants then bought two copies that month and the video the same day. The only time I've ever done that with any magazine. Something about that woman made being a single teenage boy a whole lot easier in the 90's.

Strange thing about Karen is, when I first saw her I thought sex all the time. But as I got older I found her mor intriguing for her physical fitness and body contours... she's a seariouse brick house. All in all the best Playmate to ever grace the pages of Playboy... ever, so it's totally kick ass to see someone with a similar desire to put together this aweseome web site.

Thanks for the way awesome site and keep up the good work!

anonymous ( November 23rd, 2004 ) :

I am really impressed with the quality and quantity of pictures that you have accumulated on your site and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to view the remainder. I have always considered Karen McDougal the most attractive of all of the playmates I have seen and have been disappointed at the lack of pictures available on the internet beyond those simply relating to her playboy appearance.

I have, however, scoured the web for images nonetheless and I thought that I had seen all of the images from her various playboy shoots. It was quite the serendipity to discover that there were pictures I still had not yet seen even in the few picture galleries available to the public. Thank you!

I would be, therefore, most appreciative if you would be kind enough to allow me access to the remainder of your website. I appreciate the significant amount of work that this must be, and that you have other things to do. So if it takes some time for you to get around to giving me access, that is okay.

Thanks again for your effort ....

anonymous ( November 20th, 2004 ) :

I remember when over a year ago, you came in trying to drum up traffic for your Karen McDougal site, claiming it to be the #1 resource for Karen fans. For years, people have come and gone trying to be exactly that (including the quickly defunct 300 picture site, karenmcdougal.co.uk). No site ever came close to the French site that was run by a guy named Marcus, as he always had pictures before everyone else and was the only Karen site to host every PB video she had. Anyway, that site died a few years ago, and I didn't think any site would come to that level of quality, but this past year you've proven that wrong. Continually updated with more than just pictures and encouragement of fan participation has placed your site as one of the top Karen sites ever. So kudos to you, and your dedication to everyone's favourite PMOY, I hope this site stays forever (unlike unreliable Yahoo groups...). ...

anonymous ( October 20th, 2004 ) :

Hi Mr. Webmasta!
What can I say? Now, give me the time to look for a synonym of great... immeasurable, tremendous, august, awesome, exciting, amazing... should I go on? I think it's enough, you understood I'm talking about two things: your site and Karen!
That's by far the best web site dedicated to Karen I've ever seen. And I'm not kidding! The collection of pictures really exceeds by far mine... I thought mine was great... now I discover it's nothing... You know, I've been looking for Her pictures since I saw Her the first time on PB US December issue. I was simply struck by Her perfection... something like being struck by a tank! And when She became PMOY it was even worse; it was like if the tank put reverse just to check what it had hit... and BANG! Her beauty knocked me down again.

I think She is for me the Platonic Idea of Supreme Beauty, and with that I think I clarified myself, didn't I? ...

Just a comment about the page where you explain how to get the login: at point five you write ?... 4 week til...?. Till is with two Ls. Sorry, don't kill me for that ; ) it just happened that I saw it. You know, everything must be perfect for Her! Sorry for the long mail and thank you for your patience!

I wish you all the best!

anonymous ( October 11th, 2004 ) :

First I'd like to thank you for the beautiful website you maintain. I happened upon it by chance, but being a person who, like so many other's, appreciates beauty and kept coming back to admire it.

Here's what may be the odd part. You see, I am a heterosexual woman with absolutely no interest in the female for any kind of sexual play, but your site, to me isn't about "sex", it's about beauty...and Karean Mcdougal is that... She is exquisite, and I can look at the pictures and only wonder at the beauty and grace she exhibits through the camera.

... I again thank you for allowing those of us ... to view such breathtaking pictures of a very lovely woman.

I wish you well,

anonymous ( October 11th, 2004 ) :

To begin, I'd like to give you some props for seriosly having the BEST Karen fan page I can ever remember seeing. You've got plenty of great, largely original or obscure content and everything seems to be laid out in a logical manner, rather than just a collection of common pics all jumbled togeather on a gallery page for a site that contains little to nothing new and closes after just a few months. The letter from Karen herself certainly lends your place some credibility and is a most welcome sight- in fact I believe it's the only such thing I've ever seen from her outside of her homepage. ...

I was pretty disappointed that no one had bothered to keep the fires burning until I found your site. Even better, we seem to have similar interests (new poses and different versions of pics from old photo sets, even some recent stuff). Better still, it's all in one place and easy to access.

Guess that was a little long winded, but I'm trying to earn my keep here. Keep up the good work, because like I said before, more Karen is always a good thing...

anonymous ( October 9th, 2004 ) :

I found this site in the links of another marvellous fan page (of Jennifer Walcott, also a big favourite of me). In pictures on the internet Iíve got a special weakness for girls with nice bodies and faces. This means Iím not looking for the nude girl, but for the nice girl, so clothes and/or lingerie may conceal their excellent figures. Of course extra nudity makes your day complete.
I think itís obvious Karen McDougal is one these girls, she has the looks, the figure and the smile of the sweetest girl.
Iím not gonna compliment you on your site, previous fans have done this in mass (Iím sure). ...
Donít hasten yourself in your reply, I can understand you situation (mountain-syndrome of emails), time is on my side (cfr. Rolling stones) and this login request is worth waiting for.

anonymous ( October 5th, 2004 ) :

Wow, what a great website. Iíve always wondered why it seemed that no particular website seemed to have a complete collection of high quality pictures of Karen McDougal (or any other playmate for that matter.) Well, it seems like I have finally found a site that has done so. I have seen different web sites here and there with various picture collections of KM, but none with apparently so complete a collection as yours. I will be anxious to see if you have had all of the collections that I have come across (by the looks of things, I think you may have.)

Just looking thorough your website, I have to say that I am very impressed. I used to do some web development work and I can appreciate the time that you must have spent designing the site. It has a classy look Ė one that you can tell the owner cares about their work, and a site that wasnít put together with the level of what a 10 year old would be able to do. It is definitely not one of the typical pages that has been slapped together simply to host some pictures on the web. I really enjoy the color scheme Ė it is actually pleasing to look at. I hate those sites with all black backgrounds, and stark white/yellow/light blue text that is just an eyesore. I canít imagine the time you must have spent on the design phase.

Karen has been my favorite centerfold ever. In reference to one of your previous poll questions, I was first introduced to her via the internet, and instantly was hooked! I mean how could anyone not be, right?? Well, I guess I will let you go. Iím sure you have hundreds of these kind of emails to sort through, so I donít want to waste your time. I hope to get a response from you soon.
Take care



Thanks to
all the dedicated fans

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