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Karen McDougal at her Best

January 24th, 2005 :

Most of you probably heard about the WWE Diva Search which Karen took part in. Some of you might have even seen it on television. But for those who haven't had the chance to catch a glimpse on Karen's everlasting beauty (like me over here in Europe) *smiles* I'm proud to present another very special article.
A report from a fan who got one step closer, being in front row, taking a few pictures and telling Karen's community his very own story now.

Read and Enjoy.

$250,000 WWE Diva Search

On Thursday, July 15, 2004, World Wrestling Entertainment held it's live show to knock down the amount of diva hopefuls from 27 down to 10 that would be the 10 finalist that would appear each week starting on 7/19 and one by one eliminated by viewers till only one was left. She would become the 2004 WWE Diva.

The event was being televised live by Spike TV and the night opened with all the women standing on the stage dressed in swimsuits. I'll give you just one guess who was the most beautiful in the entire bunch. That's right... Karen McDougal! Before the show even started, Coach, a WWE announcer and emcee for the event, announced that several of the women were eliminated. Before the competition even started.

During the show each girl was brought out on stage and a video clip was showed of her and then one of the wrestling personalities would ask a question and decided if the woman would continue onto the next round. And as all expected Karen was selected to move on. Some of the internet rumors had stated that she had worked for Vince McMahon in the past, and she was a shoe in for the 2004 Diva.

The next round was similar to the first. Each woman came onto stage and was asked an embarrassing or sexually charged question and more were eliminated. Karen continued on to the next round as God intended!

The last ten or fifteen minutes of the show had the 15 remaining women brought out onto the stage. Five more had to go so that there would only be 10 going onto Monday night’s event in Washington DC. Karen stood in the center of the pack on the stage but was by far head and shoulders above the closest competitor. There was electricity in the air and you had to be nervous for Karen. 90% of the audience in the Beacon Theatre was behind her.

A guy sitting next to me, front row center, stated don’t worry… during the rehearsal this afternoon Karen was told that she would be picked as one of the finalist and asked if she would be able to make the event in DC. She cleared her schedule and made plans for the trip to our nation’s capitol. Yeah! Karen was moving on! For those of you who follow wrestling, you already know that there is a script to follow. If you didn’t, I guess now would be a bad time to talk about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

One by one coach went down the line and stopped in front of each woman and tell her if she was going on to DC or was being sent home. Like a good fan, in my mind I was already planning a trip to DC and represent “Karen’s Cheering Section” in person. When they reached Karen my new found friend and fellow cheerleader yelled “Send her on!” Yeah! Send her on! I thought we already know the ending to the story, don’t we?

One drunk several rows back yelled “Send her home!” While we wanted to seek out and kill the guy, Karen apparently heard the taunt and had a shocked expression on her face. Coach finally after building up to the punch line stated that the judges were sending her home. Karen showed nothing but class! She put a smile on her face and waived to the crowd as she walked off the stage. That is why Karen has so many loyal fans and supporters. Not just beauty and brains, but a whole lot of class too!

While we sat there in shock looking at each other trying to figure out what had just happened, Triple H, one of the wrestlers, jumped out of his judges chair and ran up to Coach. The two conferred and we all figured it has to be a mistake and they will do the right thing and fix it. But the show went on till they had ten women left to send onto DC.

Back stage the WWE approached Karen and apologized to her saying that a mistake had been made. But we all know now that was a crock! I watched the Diva search one last time on TV to see if any mention of a mistake was made, but the show went on with the ten finalists and no Karen. That was the last time that I ever watched the WWE.

I believe that Karen was promised that she was moving on so that they could ambush her on stage. Here was one of their biggest names in the contest and they were going for the shock value of catching her on live TV to see how she would react. And she was a champ!

So we found out that Karen could teach a lot to the WWE… namely class and integrity. Karen is much better off with out the WWE gig and it is truly their loss that she was not allowed to continue on in the contest as per the script.

Karen congratulations on your performance, we are all very proud of you!


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