Karen McDougal at her Best Karen McDougal at her BestKaren McDougal at her Best Playmates at their Best
Karen McDougal at her Best

Interview from ET online

( Does anybody knows anything about when and where this talk was made? Seams to be a transcript of some kind of online chat. )


Kobie says: Do you have a boyfriend?

Karen: I date. Nothing serious.

Gabriel Martino says: You seemed to be irritated with Howard Stern when you were both on the Magic Hour. Was he really getting under your skin?

Karen: He was only getting to me because he didn't let me talk, but off camera he was a perfect gentleman. He was okay. I would never go on his show though because I don't want him to make me out as a bimbo. I mean he couldn't make me look like a bimbo because I'm not. But anyway, I heard that he was trashing me after the Magic Show on his show, saying that I was ugly, unattractive, and dumb. The only way I would only go on his show is if he paid me an outrageous amount of money.

Pankaj says: What kind of man do you like?

Karen: Down to earth, sincere, sense of humor, blue eyes and a bubble butt, of course a nice smile too.

Marty says: Growing up, did you ever think that you were "Playboy material?" If not, what happened in your life that helped you to get there?

Karen: I always thought I could model but I didn't think I was Playboy material. I went to college and my mom suggested that I go for it, and I thought I should try, so I had surgery and the rest is history.

ETHost: So your mom was all for you posing in Playboy?

Karen: Yes, she told me to go for it. You know, I never really looked at a Playboy magazine before. All I knew is that guys had it on their walls.

Mel says: What would you say is the best pick-up line you've heard?

Karen: The best pick up line is no line. Be direct, tell me your name, nothing stupid because I will blow you off and think that you're ignorant. I'm really nice to everyone and when my girlfriend and I went out last night, we couldn't reallytalk to each other because it got so crazy.

ETHost: Karen may I ask what that one surgery was?

Karen: I went up one breast size.

Johnny on the spot says: Have you ever had trouble getting a date?

Karen: No I've never really had trouble, but I was always in long-term relationships, but it's easy now.

Gilbert Marlowe says: What's the one thing you'd like to be able to teach your own children?

Karen: To have self-respect and to like themselves because if they don't like themselves then they can't like anyone or anything either. Just respect yourself.

Langdon says: How has becoming a Playmate changed your life?

Karen: I don't think it's really changed my life. I'm still the same person I always was. I don't have time to workout like I should and I haven't been able to take care of myself like I should. It's been hectic.

Xavier says: Do you have any opinion on cybersex?

Karen: To each his own. I don't judge anybody, but I wouldn't want to meet someone over the internet because that person could be a stalker or something. Cybersex? Why have cybersex with your computer when you can have it at home? (Laughs)

Gratie says: Karen what do you think your best quality is? Is there anything about you that you would like to change if you could?

Karen: I would change my fingers and my feet. I have a really bad habit too of pulling my hair and twisting it, and I really need to quit before I make myself bald.

Drew says: Here's my question. If you were going to be stranded on a desert, what tv show, CD, movie and book would you bring with you?

Karen: I would bring a Days of Our Lives video, Prince CD, Sound of Music and my cookbook even though I wouldn't be able to cook, I could dream about it though.

Les says: Did you receive any acting offers to be in movies?
Karen: I've had offers, and definitely as long as it's nothing dirty or pornographic.

ET Host: What kind of role are you looking for?

Karen: I am considering some roles right now, so watch for me on the big screen one day. I want it all, the lover, the mother, the bitch, the good girl, bad girl, everything.

Rich says: Has working for Playboy helped your career any?
Karen: Yeah, definitely. Being Playmate of the Year is getting me where I want to go.

Deanna says: What would you like people to remember most about you, and why?

Karen: I want people to remember that I'm down to earth, fun-loving and responsible. Why? Because I take pride in my character and I think that everyone should do the same.

Jack B says: How does it feel to be considered one of the most beautiful women in the world?

Karen: Well, I don't think of it like that. I think beauty comes from within. I mean, if it comes from inside then it's great! If there's anybody from People Magazine out there give me a call. Hint, hint.

Tony says: What surprises you most about the life of a Playmate? Is it everything you expected?

Karen: I think it's everything I expected as far as notoriety, but I didn't think there would be so much traveling involved, and I thought I would be able to keep in shape.

ET Host: Where is the coolest place Playboy has taken you?

Karen: St. Lucia where I did my POMY (Playmate of the Year) layout.

Des says: How will you handle life after Playboy?

Karen: First I'm going to take a nice long vacation, and detox myselffrom all the stress and stuff, but I would love for my life to remain hectic and busy.

ET Host: When do you think children will come into the picture?

Karen: First I've got to find the right man (laughs). Hopefully within the next five years. Or it depends if my career goes really good, then I can start my own learning center and then stop and have my own kids.

ET Host: Learning Center?

Karen: Yes, it's like a private school for younger kids. Daycare and learning centers are different in that a Daycare is more of a babysitting situation, whereas a learning center teaches the kids things, and they don't sit around all day.

DAKKAR says: How often do you diet and exercise to keep in such good shape?

Karen: Red Meat, Potatoes, and all the junk food there is. I'm addicted and I shake if I don't have sugar. I usually try to workout at least 3 days a week. But lately I haven't.

ET Host: What is your favorite junk food?

Karen: My favorite? I like chocolate cake. Anything chocolate.

David says: Have you run into any negative aspects since being named Playmate of the Year? Like a too busy schedule or protestors at events?

Karen: There was one charity event that I attended (breast cancer), and there was one lady who protested because I posed for Playboy, and they wouldn't let me participate. That's about the only negative thing. The pastor of my hometown put in the newspaper all this stuff about me posing nude. So I got out of there. People are going to say things about you no matter what you do.

Lee says: How do you feel to be a Playmate of the Year? How do your relatives feel?

Karen: My parents are great. They're proud.

Maku says: I heard there's an interesting story behind the photo of you and the four guys in the waterfall. Can you share that with us?

Karen: You were watching the Magic Show. (laughs) Well, I had a rash all the way around my underwear line because I was allergic to the elastic and one of the islanders mashed up this stuff that was suppose to clear it up and he's rubbing it on me and everybody's laughing, funny, ha, ha, and I turn around to see what everyone was laughing at and I see this guy with the biggest erection, and he was like "can I marry you," and I was like "yuck, go away." It was pretty funny.

Scott says: Would you ever consider a date with a handsome, polite, good-hearted man who drove an old truck and didn't have much money?

Karen: How old are you?

Dr.Seuss says: Do you consider yourself the typical mid-western girl?

Karen: I definitely consider myself a typical mid-western girl. I'm fun-loving, close to my family, yeah, definitely!

Miss Clairol says: You've proven that brunettes have more fun. Thank you for shattering that stereotype. How do you have more fun?

Karen: Life's too short not to have fun. I try and make every situation the best it can be. Anything can be fun, playing with my nephews, shopping, whatever, anything can be fun.

Curt says: Do you have a website, and if so what is your web address?

Karen: It's coming out in a week or two. It will be www.karenmcdougal.com.

Fred says: How do you think your former students would react to seeing you in Playboy?

Karen: I think they are too young to look at it, but I think they would say "Wow my teacher posed for Playboy." But their fathers show up at parents/teacher conferences (laughs).

Drew says: Do you plan to go back into pre-school education when your reign is over?

Karen: Not when my reign is over, but I'd like to do my acting thing first, then when that's over I'd do it. Yes it's very important to me.

Jonathan says: Another question: How on earth can you stand posing in erotic poses in front of other people?

Karen: It's a nude body, you just look at the camera and focus out everyone else. There are several people there, crew, and stylists. But when you're doing a video though there can be 15-20 people, but you get use to it.

Lee says: Were you ever on any talk shows? If so, which ones?

Karen: I did the Keenan Ivory Wayans Show, the O'Reilly Factor, and Norte Duermes (Up all Night) in Puerto Rico.

ET Host: Do you enjoy doing talk shows?

Karen: I love doing talk shows, it lets me show my true self instead of a picture or magazine. And I consider myself very personable and fun.

ET Host: Well Karen has to go. Thanks Karen!

Karen: Thanks for chatting with me. It's been a lot of fun, and I look forward to the next chat whenever that'll be, but you can visit my website when it's up, and remember to live life to it's fullest!


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